Solo Art Exhibition 2017, “Haven” in Bangkok, Thailand

Solo Art Exhibition 2017, “Haven” in Bangkok, Thailand

Solo Art Exhibition 2017, “Haven” in Thailand

At  Number 1 gallery, Silom rd., Bangkok, Thailand

Date  5th- 26th August 2017

Curated  by  Number 1 gallery


A deep relationship 2017, Oil color on canvas

“HAVEN” is the first solo exhibition by Sudrak Khongpuang to be present by Number 1 gallery


“Amidst confusion and chaos of our daily life, and upon experiencing both the good and the bad that life has to offer, many a time we ask ourselves: are we on the right path? ; have we done all that we could, and all correctly?; and many other questions. Tired and exhausted, overwhelmed by everything surrounding us, sometimes all we need is a haven — a place where our mind and heart can rest, even for short moments, so that we could reboot, pick ourselves up, and gather our energy to go forward again.

As for myself, an artist and painter, being able to paint, to put colors on a canvas gives me an opportunity to travel the world, a world created by my own imagination. My heart and mind could rest in those lands I visit, the lands of pure imagination, and to find peace, happiness, and indescribable utmost joy.

This all is one artist’s happiness: to be able to let go of all the life’s worries and to put all my heart and soul into creating something out of love, in order to savour the beauty that I myself create, in the style that is very much my own — which is simple, beauteous and surreal.” – Sudrak  Khongpuang

(Photo credit: Number1 Gallery)

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