Sudrak Khongpuang is a Thai artist who started her career as a professional artist in 2003. A prolific specialist of the surrealism movement, Sudrak is renowned for the use of vibrant colours to document the Thai countryside and the old rural way of life. Her oil colours on the canvas are modern Landscape paintings, inspired by her carefree childhood years spent with her grandparents upcountry. Later, she focus on research on the use of Buddhist content as her creative inspiration. And now she is continuing to develop artwork making in the subject to the changes in today’s global society.

Sudrak received a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a master’s degree in art education from Burapha University, a well-known university in eastern Thailand. And then she decided to seriously focus on working fine arts to become a professional artist.

She spent the first 6 years of her professional career perfecting her techniques and discovering her distinctive style. Ever since then her artworks have been shown to public viewing – both in solo and group art exhibitions. Amongst her many solo showcases, the most notable are exhibitions held at;

  • South Bay Contemporary/The Loft Art studio&Gallery in San Pedro, California USA
  • Sola Gallery in LA, California USA
  • Artemis Art Gallery, KL, Malaysia
  • Pallarax Art Fair in Kensington Hall, London UK
  • La Fenice Art Gallery, Hong Kong
  • The National Gallery of Thailand
  • The Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, Thailand
  • The Jamjuree Art Gallery of the Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. etc.

In addition, Sudrak has been invited to be the residency artist of South Bay Contemporary in the United States of America (USA) and had two solo exhibitions were included, 1st in 2016 and 2nd in 2018. The most recent solo exhibition, “A Tale of Two Shores” at SoLa Gallery in Los Angeles city, was chosen as the first highlight of the year 2018 in the EasyReaderNews’s review, publishing media of the USA.

And in 2021, she has been selected as 1 of 9 artists from around the world. To publish interviews and artworks in a special issue of “LandEscape art review” magazine distributed worldwide.

Her paintings are celebrated by art collectors and her exhibitions are praised by the public and media, both in newspapers, magazines, and television by both domestic and foreign.

Solo Exhibition

  • 2020   “Celestial Dream”, Joyman gallery and Iden 101, Bangkok
  • 2019   “The Colour of Life”, Charmchuri art gallery of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
  • 2018   Selected as an artist residency and the solo art exhibition “A Tale of Two Shores” at SoLA Gallery, California, USA
  • 2018   Duo art exhibition Sudrak Khongpuang & Sanamchai Puangraya, “Tempus & Vita”, Yuyuan at Long 1919. Bangkok
  • 2017   “Haven”, Number 1 Gallery, Silom rd., Bangkok
  • 2016  Selected as an artist residency and the solo art exhibition “Grown up”, South Bay Contemporary, San Pedro, California, USA
  • 2015   “Mother Nature”, Pandora art gallery, Silom rd., Bangkok
  • 2014   “I’ll Spread my wings”, Koi art gallery, Sukhumvit 31, Bangkok
  • 2012   “Keep in mind”, Jamjuree art gallery of Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok And K Village Sukhumvit 26, Bangkok
  • 2012   “Once”, The National Gallery, Chao-fa rd., Bangkok
  • 2011   “Imagination of _Remember”, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok
  • 2011   “Beautiful of Life” at 9 Art gallery, Chiangrai
  • 2010   “Travel in my mind” at Liam Gallery, Pattaya, Chonburi
  • 2004   “Beginner” at Mix boss Gallery, Chonburi

Award and Group Exhibition

  • 2021   The 1st International Environmental Biennale “Compatibility Issues” online digital art exhibition, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • 2021   Selected as 1 of 9 female artists from around the world to the art exhibition “HERE COMES THE SUN”, La Fenice Art Gallery, Hong Kong
  • 2021  Selected as 1 of 9 artists from around the world to publish interviews and artworks in a special issue of the “LandEscape art review” magazine
  • 2021   “Unspeakable Secrets” by 15 artists, RCB, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2020  “Exposition D’art Miniature” by 60 artists, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • 2020  “HUMEN NATURE DREAM AND IMAGINATION” by 4 Artists, River City Bangkok
  • 2020  “N-O-A-H” by 8 Artists, 333 Gallery Anywhere, 30 Warehouse, Bangkok
  • 2019   “Parallax art fair,2019”, Kensington Hall, UK
  • 2019   “CA101, 2019”, Redondo Beach, California, USA
  • 2019  “The Relations”, Joy man Art Gallery, Bangkok
  • 2019  “Nude”, G23 art gallery, Bangkok
  • 2019  “Talk about dog”, RCB Artery, Bangkok
  • 2018  “Ta-Toe”, Playground DD Mall, Bangkok
  • 2018  “Open your eyes open your mind” 12 artists 12 artworks, Changchui, Bangkok
  • 2016  International art exhibition “Equilibrio: Balance”, Artemis Art Gallery, White Box, Publika, KL, Malaysia
  • 2016  “Mother Nature”, Sathorn11 art space, Bangkok
  • 2013  “Art Street”, Major Ratchayothin, Bangkok
  • 2013 “Flower Party”, Esplanade Art Gallery, Bangkok
  • 2010  Design Logo for Independent Commission on Environment and Health ICEH
  • 2010  “Artist & Designer Creation”, SCG Experience, Bangkok
  • 2009 “New Ecologies” Sheraton Pattaya Resort, Pattaya, Chonburi
  • 2008 “Nude” Exhibition show, Silom Galleria, Bangkok
  • 2007  Thai tradition painting on the wall in Siam room at Siam Museum Learning of Nation, Bangkok
  • 2005 “Just the sun Group 5th ” Exhibition show, Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya, and at Eastern centre art and culture museum, Burapha University, Chonburi
  • 2005  “APP’S US”, Ayothaya Contemporary Gallery, Ayutthaya
  • 2004  “1st Art Exhibition of Amata Foundation” Exhibition show, Amata City, Chonburi
  • 2004  “Just the sun Group 4th ” Exhibition show, Eastern centre art and culture museum, Burapha University, Chonburi
  • 2004  Support Award of Sculpture, The Stock Exchange of Thailand, Bangkok
  • 2003  “Just the sun Group 3rd ” Exhibition show, Chamjuree museum, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
  • 1996  2ndwinner Award of Sculpture for a set at Lamtan beach, Sansuk municipality, Chonburi
  • 1991  Agent of Satit School of Burapha University to participate in “Satit-United”, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
  • 1987  Honor Student of Fine Art Activity of Satit School of Burapha University
  • 1985  Support Award of Painting in Children’s Day, Sriracha municipality, Chonburi
  • 1984  Top Award winner of Painting in Children’s Day, Sriracha municipality, Chonburi

Publications, Reviews & Interview

  • 06/2021  Interviews in a special issue of “LandEscape art review” magazine distributed worldwide.
  • 06/2020  Interviews “The way of Artist” Production by Por Dee Frame, Thailand
  • 04/2020  “Celestial Dream” Solo art exhibition interviews by Iden 101
  • 03/2020  “Celestial Dream” Solo art exhibition interviews by Joyman Gallery
  • 062019  “The Colour of Life” Solo art exhibition is broadcast on Channel 7, the national TV in Thailand
  • 09/2019  “The Relations” group art exhibition interviews in Fine art Magazine of Thailand
  • 12/2018  “Art in review: a few memories from 2018” By Bondo  Wyszpolski / Easy Reader News
  • 07/2018  Duo Art Exhibition “Tempus & Vita” / Post Today Newspaper
  • 03/ 2018  “Thai Artist Sudrak Khongpuang returns to the Penninsula” By Bondo  Wyszpolski / Peninsula Magazine
  • 02/2018  “Thai artist holds a residency at Zask Studio in RPV” by Alyssa Wynne / Peninsula Newspaper
  • 01/2013  Interview on “Guest’s Chair” / Siam Town US
  • 07/2016  “Grown Up” / Fine Art Magazine of Thailand, Vol.13, No.125
  • 01/2016  “Grown Up” / article on Sola Contemporary website


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