Group Art Exhibition “Space Odessey” in Bangkok, Thailand

Group Art Exhibition “Space Odessey” in Bangkok, Thailand


Group Art Exhibition “Space Odyssey” in Bangkok, Thailand

At  PALETTE Art Space, Thong Lo

Date  Exhibition on 17 Sep – 8 Oct 2023

Curated by  Vincent Zheng and Vivi He

Art Exhibition by 9 artists :

5 Chinese artists : FFAN | LIU LIN | i.GUYY | MuTeLu | RayCHI

4 Thai artists : Sudrak Khongpuang | Turn Kanama | Tiw Kanama | XY

Space Odyssey:Dialogue with space in both known and unknown consciousness
In the history of human civilization, there are countless records of space beyond Earth, and humans are also constantly exploring this space. From the successful entry of Dongfang-1 into space on April 12, 1961, to the lunar landing mission on July 20, 1969, and today,
humans have their own space station and countless satellites in space, but there are still too many unknowns waiting for humans to explore this mysterious space.
From adults to children, perhaps everyone has thought about the appearance of space in their minds, but no one can provide a definite answer. Space may seem extremely distant from our lives, but it exists in everyone's minds with its mysterious and infinite characteristics. It can be an empty space we travel in dreams, or a concrete image we look up at in an instant.
This exhibition takes "Space Odyssey" as the starting point, inviting four contemporary Chinese artists and four Thai artists to showcase their works that belong to the space theme in their minds.Through this exhibition, it is hoped that the audience can enter the space within their artwork and also awaken their imagination, as everyone may have a unique space in their mind.

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