Group Art Exhibition 2018, “Open Your Eye Open Your Mind” in Bangkok, Thailand

Group Art Exhibition 2018, “Open Your Eye Open Your Mind” in Bangkok, Thailand

Group Art Exhibition “Open Your Eye Open Your Mind” 

Art Exhibition by 12 Artists
At  Ar Nake Pa Song ChangChui Bangkok, Thailand

Date  October 1-29,  2018
Curated  by  Suchai  Pornsirikul of So Gallery and ChangChui

Humanity has developed new technological inventions in order to serve our needs and lifestyles. These developments are happening around us at such a rapid rate that it can be impossible to keep up with the immense flow of new technology. The Internet and social networks have opened our world-views and connected us to diverse social and cultural aspects.

Eastern and Western art tend to have some degrees of dissimilarity, due to different beliefs, format and style, but they all share the same purpose in uplifting human minds and enhancing our emotional intelligence. However, art has become more and more a result of cultural blends and integration, leading to diverse creations. Based on this wide diversity, it impossible for us to have the same artistic outlook as in the past. We have to be more open for possibility and variation.

In Open your eyes, Open your mind, 12 participating artists have gathered to give audiences new outlooks and new directions in the art while presenting their identity and creativity. Works here do not follow tradition but are the development and extension of our cultural roots. Through all aspects of the artworks’ aesthetics and representation, these works aim to serve society and help refine the mind, encouraging further development and new perspectives. In this show, imagination and knowledge are both crucial and inseparable. This exhibition strives to help viewers learn to open their eyes and open their mind.

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