Group Art Exhibition 2019, “The Relations” in Bangkok, Thailand

Group Art Exhibition 2019, “The Relations” in Bangkok, Thailand

Group Art Exhibition “The Relations”

Art Exhibition by 12 Artists
At  Joyman gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

Date  6th August – 28th September 2019
Curated  by  Sudrak Khongpuang, Witchakorn Tangklangkunlachorn

Project Manager: Steve O Techadilok
Graphic Design: O Techadilok
Director: Virakun Punyaratabandhu, Chet Ratanaphichetchai, and Supachai Phonsod
Consultants: Suphita Charoenwattanamongkhol

The Relations Exhibition: the integration of 12 major artists who created extraordinary works. In which each person has demonstrated their talents with charm and unique identity that is ready for everyone to explore in this special exhibition.

Artist :

Sudrak Khongpuang
Gumsak Atipiboonsin
Tetat Tanachoktaweporn
Nukoon Panyadee
Paramat Lueng-on
Phantouch Wongpakdee
Matthew Thomas
Yuttana Phongphasuk
Rungphan Burootchati
Salahwarin Jaijuntuck
Alongkorn Lauwatthana
Opas Chotiphantawanon

Concept: This exhibition will feature 1 large piece of painting and 1 small piece of art per 1 artist. Both works represent links together. Guidelines and patterns of their work, introducing them to interesting stories or interesting art stories. We can connect with art through many artists’ perspectives, and while art can connect everyone, no matter how different we are in religion, belief. But everyone can recognize the value and beauty of art








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