Group Art Exhibition “N O A H” in Bangkok, Thailand

Group Art Exhibition “N O A H” in Bangkok, Thailand

Group Art Exhibition “N O A H”

Art Exhibition by 8 Artists
At  333anywhere, warehouse 30, Bangkok, Thailand

Date  3 – 31 December 2019
Curated  by  333anywhere, Salahwarin  Jaijuntuck


Artist :

Salahwarin  Jaijuntuck

Sagon  Luerit

Sarawut  Yasamut

Tetat Tanachoktaweporn

Thunvong  Vongthunvong

Saravut  Visanukamron

Sudrak Khongpuang

Supmanee  Chaisansuk

Concept :  “N O A H” The exhibition is an acronym for Nature, Object, Animals, and Human. It’s a group of eight artists. Who were set to exhibit their work abroad this 2020. Like the rest of the world, the pandemic caused the cancellation of various events and international exhibitions were not left behind.


Mr.Teera and  Mrs.Tharisa  Vanichteeranont : Owner and Director 333 gallery


Sarawut  Yasamut : Artist


      Salahwarin  Jaijuntuck : Artist


Supmanee  Chaisansuk : Artist


      Tetat  Tanachoktaweporn : Artist


Saravut  Visanukamron : Artist


Thunvong  Vongthunvong : Artist


Sagon  Luerit : Artist


Sudrak Khongpuang : Artist


Sudrak  Khongpuang :

Concept : Nature is always the greatest. We can understand life through learning from it. Nature teaches us to recognize the variations in all things.
The uncertainty of life, birth, existence, and dissolution occurs all the time. It makes us realize the beauty of the things around us that we’ve met with every passing second.






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