Group Art exhibition “Exposition D’art Miniature – Virtual Walkthrough”, in Los Angeles, USA

Group Art exhibition “Exposition D’art Miniature – Virtual Walkthrough”, in Los Angeles, USA

Group Art Exhibition “Exposition D’art Miniature – Virtual Walkthrough”, in Los Angeles, USA

Art Exhibition by over 60 artists

Exposition D’art Miniature debuted as a virtual walkthrough on Facebook and YouTube on December 19, 2020 /  Click here for viewing

Date  December 19, 2020 – January 20, 2021
Curated  by  Kate Carvellas

Los Angeles artist Kate Carvellas had a unique idea to cope with the stress and isolation of the COVID 19 pandemic. Built out of cardboard, foam core, balsa wood, and plaster gauze, Ms. Carvellas’ 1:12 scale 19th Century French farmhouse began as a way to focus her creative energy in the midst of uncertain times. Methodically precise and highly representative—from the thatched roof down to the unbelievably realistic hardwood floors—constructing the tiny farmhouse allowed the artist to nurture her artistic drive through a clear, contained process during the pandemic’s chaotic presence. Ms. Carvellas then invited her artist friends and colleagues to be a part of this miniature art project by submitting their own artwork, and the farmhouse-come-gallery was born.
The result is a stunning exhibit filled with art from many of L.A.’s best artists (and a few other talented artists from outside the Los Angeles area). Works include painting, mixed-media, fiber art, and sculpture in an array of genres.
Exposition D’art Miniature will debut as a virtual walkthrough on Facebook on December 19th. For quality assurance, the walkthrough will be pre-recorded. Ms. Carvellas will go live on Facebook at 2 pm to greet everyone. Then she will post the walkthrough.
Artwork WILL be available for sale. A photo album of all of the work will be posted in this event at 3 pm on December 19th. People can contact the artists in the “comments” section of the artworks to let them know of their interest. 100% of sales go to the artists. Artists are responsible for their own sales. (Artists – Be sure to let me know about your sales – I will put a tiny red dot next to the pieces that sell).
“ I am SO excited to share the work of these wonderfully talented artists with you. In miniature”. Kate Carvellas / Artist & Curator
“A Small Life” Oil colour on canvas by Sudrak  Khongpuang
Participating artists include: A. Laura Brody, Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja, Alyson Souza, Aviva Diamond, Ben Mcginty, Ben Zask, Bibi Davidson, Cammie Jones, Cindy Rinne, Dave Lovejoy, David Tanner, Debbi Swanson Patrick, Dianne Cockerill, Dori Atlantis, Dwora Fried, Edwin Vasquez, Faina Kumpan, Gay Summer Sadow Rick, Glenn Waggner, Heather Campbell Morrow, Heather Lowe, Jan Book, Joanne Julian, Janet Milhomme, Joanne Julian, Jodi Bonassi, John Hogan, Joy Ray, Karen Hochman Brown, Karen Ruth Karlsson, Kate Carvellas, Kathryn Pitt, Kira Vollmnan, Kristine Augustyn, Laura Larson, Leah Knecht, Leah Shane Dixon, Leigh Salgado, Margot Bloom, Maria Bjorkdhal, Marthe Aponte, Melissa Reichman, Nancy Kay Turner, Nancy Youdelman, Nurit Avesar, Pascaline Doucin Dahlke, Peggy Jo Sivert, Peter Hess, Richard Bruland, Robyn Alatorre, Sarah Stone, Scott Rolfe, Sharon Suhovy, Stephanie Sydney, Stevie Love, Sudrak Khongpuang, Suki Moon Pie, Susan Joseph, Suzanne Gibson, Tamara Porter Tolkin, Terri Lloyd, Todd Westover, Tracey Weiss, Wini Brewer.
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