“Artists, ART & Stories A moment in time 2020” Book

“Artists, ART & Stories A moment in time 2020” Book

This year, I wrote a story on “The Visitor” theme, so that humans know the importance of the conservation of nature. Because we are just visitors to this planet. We need to help each other take care of nature for this world to continue. If we don’t do it, in the future we may be going through a natural disaster and the disease like that we are experiencing at this time. This an article published in the book “Artists, ART & Stories A Moment in Time, 2020” you can buy this book on www.amazon.com

Book  description
I believe that Artists are in some way Historians…that their work saves something from becoming forgotten. And, artists tell stories all the time in their art, words, visuals. ————— The year 2020: A year seen as “a moment in time’ all by itself, a year of unprecedented change. A moment that was aggravated by uncertainty, fear, and a paranoia not experienced in my lifetime.————- I found it hard to begin the production on this book for many reasons. Several very special people to me, passed away. I would find that as I was reviewing the stories, that my eyes were bluring, tears were rolling down my cheeks and I would stop.——————This years stories have a bit heavier social political comments, I view this as being the dark cloud that was over our heads. So much confusion and uncertainty, things that go along with change and that we had by the bucket-full in 2020.———— Participating Artists: Laura Larson, Kerrie Smith, Jan Book, Sheila Fein. Laurence de B Anderson, Ada Shi, Susan Chorpenning, Geoffrey Levitt, Emily Elisa Halpern, John Henson, Susan R. Kaufman, Sudrak Khongpuang, Barbara Nathanson, Jodi Bonassi, Linda Legman, Leah Knecht, Marjan Vayghan, Monica Marks, Christianna Soumakis, Simone Gad, Cindy Zimmerman, Stuart Rapeport, Malado Francine Baldwin, Barbara Fritsche, Disha Dua, Stevie Love, Kaz Maslanka, Doug Eisenstark, Hadiya Finley, Lisa Maureen Campognone, Dixie O’Connor, William Hemmerdinger, Linda Saccoccio, Maria Laura Hendrix, Genie Davis, Barbara Kerwin, Debbi Green, Michael McCall, Jesse Standlea, John Dingler, Robert A Costanza, Mary-Gail King, Kayla Cloonan, Edwin Nutting, Nancy Good, Debbi Swanson Patricks, Ginger Van Hook, Karrie Ross
– Editor; Karrie  Ross –


– The  Visitor –

On a day when everything was silent, people stayed in their own homes. They avoided meeting during the spread of the coronavirus situation.

I was able to get the sound of birds chirping, the wind, and even the sound of falling leaves scraping down the concrete road in front of the house. It was a good time that I would sit down and use my thoughts to consider the reasons why we were born and lived on this planet.

We all know that “Earth” was born around 4,600 million years ago, and that the first human species arose about 200,000 years ago when compared to what we spent only 0.004% of our time on this planet. Therefore, we cannot claim that is the king of the earth. we can say that we are only temporary visitors.

How about us as visitors, good or bad for the earth?

When viewed from the reduced amount of natural resources, the number of names of endangered species is increasing. Changing climate There is an increasing amount of pollution in both water, air and soil. Ecology is being damaged. So we cannot call ourselves a good visitor to the earth. On the other hand, humans have done different things. That is cruel to this earth

And what about the earth … Has the world sent a warning to us to be aware of our own actions? If we look back at the past we can see that humanity has faced many natural disasters and epidemics. Which may be a warning that the earth has sent to us that What we do to the earth finally, it comes back to us.

In my living time, the planet has taught me to know a deadly crisis from coronavirus. Its lethal force has made many humans around the world to adjust their behaviors. We must reduce traveling, reduce socializing and we choose to shop more online. In order to reduce going out of the house. We are paranoid of each other, and worried that someone would bring the coronavirus to our body?

For almost a year, the Coronavirus has visited all of us. All races, genders, and ages are exposed to the effects of the coronavirus. Some of us were ill, Someone even died, and almost all of the people were affected by the economy as the city shut down, in order to reduce the spread of this virus.

While humanity is struggling in any way to defeat this virus, we have seen another side… the natural environment and the animals including water and weather conditions have returned much better than before. The ocean returned to a bright blue color. Dolphins swim happily, the sky is clean, fresh air because the smoke from cars has reduced. It reflects how much human beings have persecuted the planet even though we are just visitors.

Although in the future we had a vaccine to fight the coronavirus. And we will be able to come back to life normally again. But from this crisis, we need to be more aware of the conservation of the environment and natural resources. Because we are only visitors. And do not know what the world will send something to warn us in the future.

Because…. at some point in the future, the human race may be extinct. But this planet will be perpetual.

…. I heard the sound of leaves scuffing against the street in front of the house. A butterfly flew to a small tree by the window. I turned back and looked at the canvas and reached for the palette and brushes. I paint the colors green, blue, pink, and yellow in the form of a blooming flower…. raise a bouquet to the sky show off its beauty to face the clouds that rise above.

I am one of the visitors to this earth, who are also creating works of art. I hope the art I create will outlast my life for the next hundreds of years. My art offers a positive view of nature and to offer the beauty that is possible. So that we all realize the importance of nature. If nature has lost its balance then humans will also suffer. And that might be the end of the human race.

– Written; Sudrak Khongpuang –
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