“Artists, Art & Story A moment in time 2018” Book

“Artists, Art & Story A moment in time 2018” Book

The Concepts and inspiration for creating artworks for my exhibition “A Tale of Two Shores” was selected and published in the book “Artists and stories of a certain period in 2018” you can buy this book on www.amazon.com



“I believe that Artists are in some way Historians…that their work saves something from becoming forgotten. And, artists tell stories all the time in their art, words, visuals. Moments.

The year 2018: On a political front was great for the USA and our midterm elections. A more even balance is been established. On a general overview of the art world in LA things seem to be expanding and moving faster. Each day there seems to be another show being posted on facebook filling up every weekend and eating into the weekdays-evenings with openings. Artists are being cautious with where they show, asking the important questions for them, the why the money, if there is insurance, how to move forward, the how to be seen. Curators jobs are getting more intense and artists are becoming more forward with questions of who, what when where why how.

    The importance of keeping a job-job to support the art habit and the struggles of foregoing the safety net… the full scope of being an artist is being questioned and reevaluated. On more personal level artists are getting older, seeing the world differently, participating in their passions and focusing on leaving something for the up-coming generations… art, environment, social political, learning the power of participating and the greater good. Making statements that are more in-your-face look at me. Writing the journeys to transform points of view and ways of being human. A way of humanity that seems to have been put by the wayside… for now.

    Featured Artists from around the World: Karen Karlsson, Jean-Luc Sanhes, Nathalie Tierce, Nidhi Agarwal, Jeff Hilbers, Sudrak Khongpuang, Freddie B., Jacqueline Steimke, Jacki Apple, Chuck Feesago, Jack Reilly, Karin Skiba, Cristina Paulos, Alison Wright, Marjorie Trandem, LaJon Miller, Barbara Kerwin, Evvie Kyrozi, Angeline Straatman, Lisa Manifold, Siori Kitajima, Niamh Ni Chearbhaill, Silvia Traistaru, Michael Maas, Daniella Smith, Aliza Bejarano, Disha Dua, Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke, Elena Mary Siff, Mohan Sundaresan, Kirk Shiflett, Nicola Anthony, Wendy Lee Gadzuk, Karen Boissonneault, Gauthier, Alexandra Rutsch Brock, Skye Amber Sweet, Christie Shinn, Ginger Van Hook, Eva (Tcz.) Sterlich, Heather Scholl, Nirali Thakkar, Christopher Heltai, Susan Lizotte, Jill Carol, Michael McCall, Tina Dille, Heather A. Wallis Murphy, Karrie Ross. ”

Editor : Karrie Ross


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