Solo Exhibition 2016, “Grown Up” in San Pedro, California, USA

Solo Exhibition 2016, “Grown Up” in San Pedro, California, USA

Solo Exhibition “Grown Up” 

At The Loft Art Studio&Gallery, San Pedro, CA, USA
Date  Jan 7-Feb 14, 2016
Organized by  South Bay Contemporary
Curated  by  Peggy Sivert Zask

Ben Zask, Sudrak  Khongpung and Peggy Sivert Zask

In 2016 Sudrak will bring her art to the United States. The exhibition titled “Grown up marks Sudrak’s first solo exhibit abroad. The exhibition is available for viewing at The Loft Art Studio&Gallery South Bay Contemporary in the city of San Pedro, California, during the months of January and February 2016. The compilation of the previous works with her most recent ones will reveal how Sudrak’s art has developed, and how her artistic skills have been mastered. We will also have the opportunity to observe her thoughts and her emotions during the good and bad times, and see how sad and happy experiences have taught her to mature and become stronger, all through her works where shapes, forms, colours and composition have become even more expressively intense.
(Photo credit: Mr.Paul Blieden)

“I want to show the arms of happiness and peacefulness have enveloped me in my life. In childhood, I stayed with my grandmother and grandfather in the countryside where I was in touch with the simple life of the farmers, those who lived in an agrarian society. At that time I was too young and inexperienced to appreciate the value of such a life. Now that I have grown I’ve experienced other ways of living, other ways of life, I appreciate what peace and tranquillity I had when living the simple life of a farmer. I am privileged to have had such an experience, to have known such happiness and peacefulness in life. I wish I could turn back the clock to reach out and touch that life again, but time has marched on and everything in the world has changed. the memories and feeling I store in my mind, I now transmit into my painting. I hope by sharing these images, others will see the values and beauty of the agrarian life.” – Sudrak  Khongpuang

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