Duo Art Exhibition 2018, “Tempus&Vita” in Bangkok, Thailand

Duo Art Exhibition 2018, “Tempus&Vita” in Bangkok, Thailand

Duo Art Exhibition “Tempus&Vita”

Artists   Sudrak Khongpuang & Sanamchai  Puangraya

At  Yuyuan art&antique, Lhong1919  Bangkok

Date  July 1-31, 2018

Curated by  Suchai  Pornsirikul

Time and life are the same things. Can not be separated from each other.
Lifetime And life go on through time.
Past makes the present And link to the future.
Every moment is valuable. Memories create an experience for us to live.
Whether it is what makes us happy or suffering, glorious success or failure.
Everything cannot be fixed forever. I have to move through time.
The life of art is the same. There are many stories. The art is transmitted.
Based on the artist’s experience. The Phan meets the day.
These impresses are either beautiful or ugly. Emotions or excitement
It was created to create the art of each artist.
And because the art takes time to travel. Just like the life of a man who walks through time. day after day
Each piece of art has its own life. The beauty and different values.


Published on Post today Newspaper, July 15, 2018

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