The Show in Seoul, Korea coming Soon!

The Show in Seoul, Korea coming Soon!

I am excited and honored for selection as 1 in 10 oversea artists to participate in “ASYAAF and Hidden Artists 100 Festival 2020” in Seoul, Korea. My artworks will show in a Hidden Artists 100 section. This event will be held at Hongik Museum Of Art between July 21 – August 16, 2020.

ASYAAF is the festival about featuring artworks from new and up-and-coming. This activity is to encourage emerging artists with a chance to meet general spectators and important figures from the art world as well as a foothold to materialize their dreams. ASYAAF is an excellent opportunity to promote and present artworks to broad visitors and to expand collectors base in Korea and beyond.

“ASYAAF and Hidden Artists 100 Festival 2020″ be held by the art organizer of Korea, Chosunilbo Cultural Promotion Center, Korea Craft & Design Foundation, and Gallery LVS. You can follow this event on my website, Facebook, and Instagram soon!

Celebrating 8th Anniversary, special exhibition “Hidden Artists 100 (Look for 100 Hidden Artist)” will be introducing artists aged between 31-50 so-called hidden artists to discover talented artists beyond the qualification of the entrance.

Artists aged over 30 who already graduated from university rarely get supported by art galleries and museums. Therefore, we are promoting 100

Hidden artists support their aesthetic talents with new opportunities to showcase their artworks.

There are more than 4,800 artists who participated in ASYAAF throughout the past 8 years including artists aged over thirty. This opportunity will also indicate how ASYAAF influence those participants during the past 8 years. In addition, it will be a unique opportunity to compare artworks by young artists with senior artists.

 Exhibition Outline

Exhibition  Hidden Artists 100

Organized by  Chosunibo Cultural Promotion Center, Korea Craft & Design Foundation, Gallery LVS

Participating Artists  Age of 31-50 artists (birth on 1966-1984)

Evaluation  Jury of renowned celebrities on art filed will select 90 national artists and 10 international artists (Total of 100 artists)

 Part.1 (50 persons) : 7.7-19

Part.2 (50 persons) : 7.21-8.2

Culture Station Seoul 284


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