“Artists, ART & Stories A moment in time 2019” Book

“Artists, ART & Stories A moment in time 2019” Book

This year I wrote an article entitled “The power of belief” which is important for everything that we do, especially with being an artist, and published in the book “Artists, ART & Stories A Moment in Time, 2019” you can buy this book on www.amazon.com

Book  description
I believe that Artists are in some way Historians…that their work saves something from becoming forgotten. And, artists tell stories all the time in their art, words, visuals. Moments. The year 2019: On a political front was great for the USA and our midterm elections. A more even balance is been established. The importance of keeping a job-job to support the art habit and the struggles of foregoing the safety net… the full scope of being an artist is being questioned and reevaluated. On more personal level artists are getting older, seeing the world differently, participating in their passions and focusing on leaving something for the up-coming generations… art, environment, social-political, learning the power of participating and the greater good. Making statements that are more in-your-face look at me. Writing the journeys to transform points of view and ways of being human. A way of humanity that seems to have been put by the wayside… for now. Featured Artists from around the World: Ted Myer, Leslie Frank, Marsha Balian, Marsha Balian, Samantha Humphreys, Karen Payton, Adonna Ebrahimi, Sierra Pecheur, Sudrak Khongpuang, Michael Cano, Kaye Freeman, Claire Seaman, Jan Book, Carolyn Campbell, CarolAnn Seaman, Heather A. Wallis Murphy, Amy Kaps, Maria del Mar Salinas, Nataliya Bagatskaya, Radoslava Hrabovská, Cathie Crawford, Marcos Lutyens, Anastasia Vasilyeva, Michael McCall, Lisa Manifold, Karrie Ross _______As always, this is my art-book-project, entry is free and most submissions are accepted as long as they are on track with the focus of the book. I price the book just enough to make it into Amazon’s library system, and once on Amazon, books seldom get deleted…so these will live on as long as amazon.com does. Thank you for being a part of this journey Karrie Ross http://www.karrieross.com http://www.artistartandstory.com the year 2019.
– Editor; Karrie  Ross –

– Power of Belief –

Have we ever thought how much the power of belief in us and will it be powerful enough to make us change ourselves, our future or this world?
Zhuge Liang is one of the characters in Chinese historical novels “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. Zhuge Liang is a clever sage and he once said “If you think it will be great, you will be great. If you want to be something, you will be like that.”
25 years ago I watched the movie “Babe”, it is an adaptation of Dick King-Smith’s 1983 novel “The Sheep-Pig”, also known as “Babe: The Gallant Pig” in the US, which tells the story of a pig raised as livestock who want to do the work as a sheepdog and the end of this story a pig shows people that he is a good sheepdog.
Therefore, if we have belief in anything we will have the desire for. And in the end, we can accomplish. For example, if we believe that we must be rich we will try to find ways to find the money. We will be dedicated to physical strength, mental, and intellect in order to reach our goal. All of this starts from the only thing, it is the belief that we must be rich.
Similar to an artist, one must start from the belief that “I must be an artist and able to live by working in art”. And beyond this, I think being an artist is a profession that requires even more strong determination and faith because you have to do things that no one has done before if you do what others have done before you are not a good artist you are just a good craftsman who copies other artist’s work. And when you have to do things that no one else has done before, how do you know if that is right or wrong? The answer is that you will never know. Because there is no right or wrong in art. But what you do is believe that completed work you will like it and others will like it too. Artists need to have belief and faith as a guideline for creating works.
I still believe in the highest values of nature. My work shows belief and respect for nature. Using the lifestyle in harmony with nature in an agricultural society. I think it is a beautiful, peaceful way of living, living each day to learn to live with nature, learn the cycle of plants and animals. Living in nature makes people think of ourselves less and think more about the surrounding environment us more. Because whenever we do that doesn’t care about the environment, we will eventually get the results of that action, soil drought conditions, water quality deterioration, and polluted weather.
If my beliefs were expressed in my art and able to change people’s thoughts and behavior to increase respect and love for nature. This will keep nature be with the next generation. I believe being an artist is almighty enough to change the world without using any hard weapons. Just by using aesthetic beauty, it is a way to lead humans and nature to live together beautifully and sustainably.
– Written; Sudrak Khongpuang –